Um… Helped!

You lot are ace. Just a quick little note to say thanks for all of your responses to my recent (whiny) plea for help (sympathy). 

It’s still early days, and my legs still feel like they’re made of super-dense Lego, but I’ve snapped out of the “this is the end of my runningness” dumps. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone, and that there’s a way out of this. All that’s needed is the “Three P’s” of persistence, patience and prawn cocktail crisps. I should probably have stuck with the Two P’s.

In fact, I’ve actually really enjoyed my last three runs, which is something I thought I’d lost. I even tried a zippy little tempo run earlier this week, so yay me. I’m starting to think that the wizened old gypsy woman who cursed me to “forever not be a runner, nyahahahahahaaaaa” was just talking out of her stupid arse. 

And that’s swearing.

Hopefully, this reconnection with running will in turn prompt me to do a bit more of the bloggling. I know you’ve missed your . weekly(ish) doses of whimsy, ramblingness and (very occasionally) stuff about running. Don’t lie, you have. You definitely have. 

Like I said, it’s still early days, and I’m still slower than a tree sloth dragging a barrel of spanners. But now the mountain doesn’t seem quite so big, and the sky doesn’t look quite so black. 

Thanks folks. And to all of you who are in a running slump, I’m wishing you vim, vigour and bloody-mindedness1

Normal levels of bloody nonsense will resume shortly. 


1 if you’re pregnant with triplets, these would be great names. 


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