The Running Awards 2016


Sequins, canapes and bitchy red-carpet catfights.

None of those things were present at last years Running Awards, which came as a crushing disappointment.

Well, it’s that time again and, at the time of posting, there’s just a day or two left to vote in the most of the categories, including Bestest Blog. I’ve been shortlisted to the final twelve again, but (as much as I’d love a little wooden man trophy that I could happily bend into all sorts of inappropriate positions) I’ve not been writing very much recently, so I’m really not fussed about winning anything. 

Instead, let’s have a quick look at some of my favourites in the shortlist…

Veggie Runners

Probably my favourite Mother/Daughter nutrition/running bloggers. I bumped into these two at last years awards and they stuffed a wad of free Prosecco vouchers into my hand, so in my eyes they’re already winners. Have a look at the delicious stuff on their blog, and I guarantee you’ll be legging it straight down to Tesco to stock up on quinoa, sprouts, Freddo Frogs and jam (you’ll notice that I only really look at the pictures of the food, not the actual ingredients).

If I had my way, all recipes would include at least one Freddo Frog.

DC Rainmaker

The only other male in the shortlist, although I’ve pretty much convinced myself that he’s actually some sort of super-computer cyborg wearing a meat suit. Whenever I post a rambly pile of cat-poop and call it a GPS watch review, I always try to include a link to Mr Rainmaker’s site so that people can read a proper, informative product test. If Professor Stephen Hawking stopped twaddling around with the cosmos and instead focussed on running watches, he would be DC Rainmaker.

He also gets bonus points because his name makes him sound like a blues singer (DC Rainmaker, not Professor Stephen Hawking).

Lazy Girl Running

Laura is a top blogger, an inspirational running leader, a fantastic author and the third-smallest species of frog.

I only made one of those things up.

Have a peek around her website, and I defy you not to come away feeling stuffed full of motivation. Then go and read her book, and come away feeling relieved that you’re not the only one who obsesses about weeing during a race.


Imagine if the concept of arse-kicking suddenly took on human form and started writing a blog that was charming, funny and inspirational in equal measure (charfunspirational?). That’s Tess. Read her stuff. 

Also, don’t be fooled by the blog name. It has nothing to do with those little magic wristbands that make people instantly fit. 

The Fat Girls’ Guide to Running

This is proper runny bloggy royalty, and the winner of last years Best Blog category.

Her positive message can be found spread across newspapers, magazines, daytime TV shows and via her sqazillions of followers on social media. The only thing that’s got more people up and running is bears. Definitely in with a damn good chance again this year. 


If you’ve got a spare minute, why not pop over and cast your vote. The organisers are promising to give a ruby-encrusted porcelain albatross  as a prize for the millionth vote cast. I might have dreamt that though. 

Have a look at the blogs I mentioned above. They’re all ace. If you still want to vote for mine, then that’d be lovely too. 

If you want to vote (or have a peek at the other contenders) then head over to and click on “publications & online” and then “blog”. Registering to vote takes about 30 seconds, and they won’t bombard you with endless spam. 

(But I want my share of that fancy albatross if you win it. At least half a beak!)

Bye x





7 thoughts on “The Running Awards 2016

  1. Interesting take on the Blog awards. Just a quick correction, my Irunoffroad shortlisted Blog is all about the enjoyment I get from running off road and “Yes” I’m male too 🙂 Good Luck Sir

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