Hello folks.

Last time I spoke to you (a couple of weeks ago), I was just about to do the Perkins Great Eastern Run. Many of you had a go at predicting my finish time, in the hope of winning an egg cup. You’re a very strange collection of people.

Anyway, for reasons I won’t go into1, I decided to pull out of the race and also take a bit of time away from blogging and stuff in general.

I can’t contain the daily build-up of nonsense inside my head indefinitely, and so you probably won’t have long to wait until the blog posts start flowing again, like gallons of poorly-punctuated donkey manure being pumped through your letter box by a dyslexic (and probably less-than-gruntled) farmer.


1Wanting to keep the aforementioned egg cup all to myself wasn’t the reason2.

2Okay. It was one of the reasons.

6 thoughts on “Hey…

  1. Awwwww dang it!! Well hopefully running n stuff will be back to normal-ish when whatever it is you’re suffering/not suffering from has been dealt with/hidden under concrete!! DEEP under concrete!!
    Will wait beside my phone…..waiting…………waiting…………

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