Guess my time, win a thing

As I mentioned in my last post, this Sunday I’ll be throwing my legs at the Perkins Great Eastern Run in Peterborough. To take my mind off all the sweating and grunting, I thought it’d be fun to let you lot have a go at predicting my finish time.

Here’s some info to help you make an educated guess:

  • It’s a half marathon, so 13.1 miles. I couldn’t (be bothered to) find an elevation profile for the course, but the organisers describe it as “flat and fast”.
  • My PB at this distance is 1:54:14. This was at last year’s Reading Half.
  • Conditions for Sunday are shaping up to be near perfect, with the forecast being 14°C and sunny/cloudy. Pretty similar to Reading last year.
  • My most recent official half was 2:03:01, but this was on day three of the Colworth Marathon Challenge so I’d already done a ton of running around. It was hot too. I had ice cream. I like ice cream.
  • As far as I’m aware, the route doesn’t pass a zoo, so chances of being chased by an escaped tiger is reasonably slim. 
  • As this was a last minute entry, I’ve not done any specific training for it. However, I’ve been doing some pretty decent generic training recently, getting plenty of long slow miles into my legs and mixing it up with tempo runs and hills.
  • My legs are really quite short.

If you want to have a go at predicting my finish time, just pop it in the comments section. There’ll be a prize for whoever get closest to the official chip time.

And yes, it’s highly likely that the prize will be an egg cup with “Born to Plod” written on it in sharpie. You lot know me too well.

Hey lovely person who’s reading my blog, how are you? Guess what, I’ve been nominated again for the 2016 Running Awards. Yay! I was nominated for an award last year, and while I didn’t win, I did get horrifically drunk and became very excited when I found a button on the floor. Long story. Anyway, if you enjoy reading this blog, then frankly you’re a bit weird. But also, it’d be lovely if you could spare a few seconds to vote for me in the online/blog category (I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m unlikely to win “Shoe of the Year”). Here’s the linky: Running Awards 2016. Fankoo!

Twitter? @borntoplodblog


Coffee and cake? Yes please, that’d be lovely.


32 thoughts on “Guess my time, win a thing

  1. Hmmm…. near perfect conditions but short legs. No possibility of large felines increasing your pace and lots of other people to trip you up. After a huge spreadsheet of calculations which have nothing to do with your pace or running in fact – I’m at work, that’s what I do!! Calculate stuff! – I’m going to put my finger in the air, take a note of wind direction (in an office!) and say 1:50:55
    Have a fabulous time and find ice cream AFTER the race!!
    Enjoy 🙂

  2. I’m weighing in with 1:56:12. Obviously I hope you do better. Of course I want the egg cup. This is a conundrum! Good luck Jay, our athletes do this one every year and it’s a corker ; )

  3. 1 hr 51 mins 2 secs here’s hoping you get a PB. I’m aiming for a sub 2 hours 30 mins on the Derby City Half so let’s see if we can get to PBs between us.

    • Massive good lucks are being sent your way. Kick the bum out of that race. And if you don’t get a PB, you might get a scribbled-on egg cup.

      • I got my PB 2:25:48 would have been quicker if it wasn’t for the three mile stitch at the end. Did you get your?

  4. 1:57:10
    If I win please could I have the sharpie and I promise to write on an egg cup and possibly a mug. I like sharpies. And shar-peis, but I don’t write on things with them or they get angry.

    • I was genuinely astounded to walk away with my sharpie earlier. I’ve never seen such a look of stationery-related covetousness.

  5. This may seem like I am being a dick, but I am going to take you from your word and say you will be close to your PB. Then I’m going to be cautious about the wind exposure, but optimistic based on how hella flat its meant to be. 1.52.55 is my guess

  6. 1:53:50 🙂 Cause living in Reading I have to regularly put up with runners complaining Reading half is not flat… so a smidgen quicker. (Hope this egg cup thing isnt a joke as I do actually require one)

    • If it’s any consolation, after this competition I’ll have the same number of egg cups as you. Or one less than you if I run 1:53:50 😄

  7. I have the utmost faith in you – put me down for 1.51.10. Your success will make up for my personal dismal failure at the Bournemouth Marathon at the weekend – I need all the egg cup consolation I can get…!

  8. I reckon you’ll go out way too fast, trying to impress us lot who will be checking your time, you’ll be checking your farming and fall flat on your face at mile 7 after tripping over a discarded (but mostly full) bottle of Lucozade Sport. You’ll be pulled from the race and have wadding shoved up your nostrils, at which point, you will shove them away and stumble in zombie-like fashion over the finish line in 02:03:04

    That’s my prediction, anyway.

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