10 Race day tips for race day racing

  Hello lovely internet person. I’m doing the Perkins Great Eastern Run this weekend, which was a bit of a last minute decision. Although I’ve been doing some decent training lately, there’s been nothing specifically aimed at half marathons, so I’ll just have to wait and see how I do on the day. I wanged a hefty PB last year at Reading (01:54:14) but can’t see myself beating that on Sunday.

Anyway, to get myself in race mood, I’ve put together a few tips that I thought I’d share with you lovely lot. They’re all 100% serious and not to be taken lightly, okay?

  1. Obey all instructions from race marshals, but only if they begin it with “marshal says…”
  2. Don’t take an owl with you. There’s nothing specifically against it in the rules, but I’m pretty sure it’d be frowned upon.
  3. Another thing that isn’t mentioned in the rules is whether it’s okay to take your own starting pistol with you, in the hope of getting a sneaky little head-start while everyone else is still tying up their laces. I’d probably advise against this too, because prison.
  4. If you’re going to take a bin bag to keep you warm at the start line, choose an empty one.
  5. Water station etiquette. Never just grab a cup. Always stop at the water station and ask “please may I have a cup of water?”
  6. More water station etiquette. You shouldn’t just assume that the water is free. At least offer to pay, and if they won’t take your money, you should still help by washing your cup up before heading off again.
  7. People will often tell you that the biggest mistake you can make on race day is going off too fast at the beginning. Those people are idiots. There are much bigger mistakes you can make, such as filling your running shoes with fire ants, sleeping with the race organiser’s wife or following any advice you read on a frankly ridiculous blog. Or owls.
  8. Your race number should always be pinned to the front of your vest. Never to the front of someone else’s, and certainly not to the front of a passing police horse.
  9. Find a song that really motivates you when you’re feeling tired. If your race rules forbid the wearing of earphones, just ask a fellow runner to sing it to you all the way round. Be persistent.
  10. A common piece of advice is “don’t try anything on race day that you haven’t already tried in training”. Well, I’ve never tried running the Perkins Great Eastern Run 2015 in training, so I’m frankly at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

Give me a shout if you’re also running the Perkins GER. I might buy you a coffee. Or you might buy me one. Clue: It’ll be the second one.

Hey lovely person who’s reading my blog, how are you? Guess what, I’ve been nominated again for the 2016 Running Awards. Yay! I was nominated for an award last year, and while I didn’t win, I did get horrifically drunk and became very excited when I found a button on the floor. Long story. Anyway, if you enjoy reading this blog, then frankly you’re a bit weird. But also, it’d be lovely if you could spare a few seconds to vote for me in the online/blog category (I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m unlikely to win “Shoe of the Year”). Here’s the linky: Running Awards 2016. Fankoo!

Twitter? @borntoplodblog

Facebooks? Facebook.com/borntoplod

Coffee and cake? Yes please, that’d be lovely.


4 thoughts on “10 Race day tips for race day racing

  1. I am doing the same race. Although about 30 mins slower than you so doubt we will cross paths.

    Thank for the tip for the Owl – saved me from an embarrassing situation.

    • Now you’ve ditched the owl, we’ll probably finish at the same time. Say hi if you see me. I’ll be wearing an “I’M DOING RUNNING” vest and making a noise like a waterlogged steam engine.

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