Competition time! Win a stupid vest. 

  Hello there. Are you okay? You look a bit cold there. You could probably do with a nice new running vest, rather than going around with your tummy and chest on display all the time like a strumpet. 

Luckily for you, the nice people at have offered up a free vest to one of you lot, just because. 

The winner can choose any vest from my range of mostly childish, idiotic range, or even suggest a one-off custom jobby. Here’s a linky to them:

To be in with a chance of winning, just complete the following caption in less than 903 words: 

“I want one of Jay’s stupid vests because…”

You can either send an email to or alternatively just pop your answer in the comments section.

A winner will be chosen at probably-random by a pair of hyperactive, possibly evil two year-olds tomorrow (Tuesday 4th August) at around lunchtime. 

Happy competitioning!


23 thoughts on “Competition time! Win a stupid vest. 

  1. I feel sleeves are slowing me down at the moment and adding a vest to my running arsenal will make the difference between Rio 2016 and Rochdale 10k

  2. Do we get twice as many words if we use ‘octopus’ in the answer? Is that still a rule? Do footnotes count? Can I include a spreadsheet? These kind of opportunities only come up once in a lifetime, I don’t want to squander me chance.

  3. I want one of Jay’s stupid vests because… I can then impersonate Jay and pull off a series of international jewel heists, secure in the knowledge that I can get away scot-free. As long as I can avoid those pesky kids. And their dog. And the real Jay. Who I’d actually really like to meet. Curses, think I’ve just implicated myself. And the dog. You didn’t see me, roight?

    • So much work has gone into your answer, and R&D budget alone must have been immense. I feel slightly bad that, after all that, the winning entry will be picked at random from a potty by one of my little people.

  4. I want one of Jays stupid vests because it may bring a smile to someone’s face in my gym as they are a miserable bunch lol 🙂

  5. I want one of Jays stupid vests to try to put a smile on someone’s face in the gym, they are a right miserable bunch!

  6. I want one of Jay’s stupid vests
    to put my sense of fashion to the test
    it probably won’t fit
    and I’ll look like a tit
    but I’m sure I won’t be the worst dressed.

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