Thunder Run 2015

  Just time for a very quick run-down of this years TR24, which I entered as part of a team of four: The Sneaky Badgers.

I’ve done massive million-word waffling race reports for previous Thunder Runs, so this time I’ll just give the condensed version, with another sort-of-TR24-themed post later in the week.

So, the weekend in bullet points…

  • Raining when we put up our tents, raining when we took them down. Absolutely perfect weather in between. The course got pretty gloopy in places, and I nearly skidded into nettles a couple of times, but that kind of terrain just adds to the charm of an event like this.
  • About a million runners, but this event still manages to feel a bit special and intimate.
  • Solos are still amazing, as always. I’ve never met a grumpy solo runner; they’re all either “chatty” or “haunted”.
  • Although they occasionally started to pile up a bit, the toilets were emptied and cleaned a few times over the course of the weekend. By festival standards, this makes them super-posh.
  • Speaking of the toilets, there was a great moment when a little kid went into the cubicle next to mine. It had obviously just been vacated by someone else because I heard the door close, shortly followed by a squeaky voice exclaiming “Eurgh! The seat’s bum warm!”
  • I got called a “media whore” many, many times by a so-called team mate, just because I happened to sport a variety of (stylish and affordable) Born to Plod shirts over the weekend. I think she’s just jealous because her team vest didn’t get finished in time by the little men who slave away in my garden sweatshop.
  • A real high point for me was when I ran up behind someone I recognised and, just for fun, shouted “GET OUT OF MY WAY” right in their ear, and it did actually turn out to be be the person I thought it was. That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen to me. 
  • As pre-run grub goes, I learned you can do a LOT worse than mixing up porridge, chia seeds, almonds and jelly babies. Mmmm… melty rainbow goodness!
  • Had a lovely night-time double lap with my mate Rob, immediately followed by midnight Guinness and a ginormous hot dog. Doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Although this event tends to bring together runners of all abilities in one great big melting pot of ego-free runningness, it was marred this year by the group of podium-fixated lads who injured a friend of mine by barging her out of their way on a narrow path. Bunch of cockwombles. 
  • I met up with some great friends, old and new. Also saw a ton of people I follow religiously on twitter, and completely failed to realise it was them, so didn’t grab them for a chat. I’m bloody terrible with faces. 
  • The medal. A purple hexagon of solid metal with a lovely, reassuring heft to it. I rate my medals based on how good they’d be for beating a burglar into submission, and this one’s a definite winner. 
  • In summary: Four laps, no training before, no stretching during, no injury after. I’d call that a pretty good result. 

See you next year!

7 thoughts on “Thunder Run 2015

  1. Is that medal how they’re dealing with the spent nuclear fuel? It looks like it’s got some mass to it, and is it just me, or is it glowing ever so slightly? Can we expect you to turn into Super Leg Man when we’re not looking and run circles around bad guys?

    Seriously though, major well done. Sounds like a grand outing. You should sell the “I did running” stickers… 😃

    • I gave a ton of them out. But more people wanted the “my legs hurt” ones.

      I’ve been wearing my slightly glowy medal for a few days now. Still no sign of super powers. Unless chest alopecia , a mysterious rash and the appearance of four extra nipples counts as super powers.

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