Just the bare essentials: my TR24 kit list

Just over a week to go now until Thunder Run 2015. Predictably, I’ve left it too late to train, but luckily I still have just enough time to obsess over a kit list and make sure I pack a ton of stuff I won’t need.

What you’re reading right now isn’t really a blog post. It’s just me rattling off a list of stuff to remember for a week on Saturday so that I don’t spend the day beforehand running round in little circles, flapping.

I will do that though. Because stupid Jay.

1. Running kit (including team vest). Make sure to bring several changes of clothes so I can get changed between laps and not be Smelly McStinkerton. These will remain in my my kit bag all weekend, because getting changed is a hassle I can do without, and everyone smells at these things. It’s expected.

2. Event clips for my race number, and safety pins for when I lose my event clips in a field.

3. Shoes. Road shoes. Trail shoes. Spare shoes. As many shoes as I can fit in my car.

4. Foam roller. I probably won’t use this, but it’s important that the thousands of runners I’m sharing a field with know that I’m one of them.

5. Snacks. Mainly on the theme of flapjacks, biscuits, sweets, cake and chocolate. If my dentist stumbles across this kit list, he’s likely to punch me right in my sticky crumb-face.

6. Enough porridge to float an elephant.

7. Proper cutlery. Because there’s nothing more soul-destroying than sitting in the food tent at 3am, body screaming for carbs as you try in vain to tackle a jacket potato with a micron-thick plastic fork. At the 2012 event, I saw someone trade their Audi for a spork. True story1

8. Head torch. I’ve been quite evangelical about the Alpkit Gamma for years now. A lot of torch for not much money. May stop me from face-slamming into an owl during the night laps.

9. Hand torch. I’ve been told that it’s important to complement your head torch with a handheld torch, as it adds definition and helps you make out the terrain. Actually, I think these people may have been torch salesmen.

10. Garmin. Because without a bunch of stats I’ll probably never look at again, none of the running counts.

11. Bodyglide/Vaseline. This is a 24 hour event and I don’t want to die.

12. Tent, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag and inflatable mattress. Because even hardened wilderness warrior-athletes like to be cosy.

13. Drink. Hydration is important, so I’ll pack a few bottles of water and energy drinks. While I’m packing this, there’s a tiny chance that some booze might accidentally fall out of the cupboard and into my kit bag.

14. Portable charger. To keep my phone battery topped up, because Thunder Run isn’t Thunder Run unless I can tell all of the internet that I just fell over a cow or ate nine flapjacks.

15. Phone. Because without this, the portable charger is basically just ballast2.

16. Reading material. Most likely a comic hidden inside a copy of Razzle hidden inside a copy of the complete works of Franz Kafka hidden inside another comic.

17. Notebook and pen. So I can sit around trying to look like a wanky writer type.

18. Survival kit of immodium, ibuprofen, rehydration powder and plasters.

19. Coffee. Because nobody wants no-coffee-Jay.

20. Team banner/flag, glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark face paint. Anything stupid, basically.

21. Car keys. If I don’t have these, I’ll have to ask myself some pretty serious questions about how I came to be in Staffordshire.

22. Cash. For buying extra snacks and trinkets, with enough left over to treat myself to a post-run massage while whimpering “please magic-hand person, make me not being broken”.

23. Duct tape, cable ties, penknife. Look, I’m not a murderer, honest. I just like to be able to fix stuff in a pinch.

24. All the other stuff that I’m just going to list here so I don’t forget it on the day: Gels, sun cream, umbrella, camp chair, buff, cap, sunglasses, lighter, mug, plate, camping stove, tent lamp, flip flops, earphones, sweatband, spare Garmin, HR strap, waterproofs, hand sanitiser, baby wipes, toilet roll, groundsheet, tape and pegs to mark out our campsite.


So who else is off to TR24 this year? I’d love to know what teams you’re in, so I can do the cheering and cadge biscuits off of you. I’ll be twittering throughout the weekend, so follow me on there too if you like: @borntoplodblog

Also, let me know if I’ve missed anything off the list (but feel free to not suggest a clipboard. We’re not a clipboard kind of team). I’m actually quite proud of my semi-mature kit list. I’ve completely avoided putting silly things on there like crossbows and shark repellant and a 17th century mangle. Hmmm…

(Runs off to make extra space in kitbag).

Go team Sneaky Badgers!


1 Not a true story.
2 Which is also how I’ve been described by my team-mates.

9 thoughts on “Just the bare essentials: my TR24 kit list

  1. We made a list last year of the things to do better this year. Top of that list was “All remember headtorches” and second was “replace James for someone who remembers things”. The third item was “candles, for James when he forgets his headtorch again” and in fourth place “someone to run James’s night lap when he can’t see where he’s going”.

    I packed my headtorch in my bag on July 27th last year…I should probably check the batteries though!

  2. It always makes me smile to read British blogs… In the U.S. a torch is something the villagers would carry to smite the mad scientist in the creepy castle. Running with that would be fun, tiring and a little bit Olympian. 🙂

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