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Hello. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about races, hasn’t it? This is mainly due to the fact that I haven’t done any races since back when people were running around in furry pants punching sabretooth tigers in the face.

Last year was a bit of a poor show for me and races. I seemed to have spent all of my running-mojo obliterating my PB at the Reading Half, and every subsequent race felt slow and painful. I never quite recovered my pace for the rest of the year, and the best I could muster was a half-hearted 5k and a 10k that left me feeling like I’d been beaten up by clowns. Since then, I just spent a lot of time feeling too unfit to throw myself into any races.

But this is a new year (and yes, I know we’re nearly halfway through it, but I’m a bit slow on the uptake). I’ve got a couple of events lined up, and I thought I’d share them on here in case any of you adorable lot are doing them too and want to say hi (i.e. carry me for a bit). One event that I know a lot of you are doing is the Adidas Thunder Run (aka TR24) in July. I’ll be there, setting up a complex barter system, with the predominant currencies being flapjacks, blister plasters and dingo repellent. This year I’m in a team of five called the Sneaky Badgers. It’s okay though, we’re not actual badgers, in case you were worried. The badgers (who previously entered as the “Shibby Factos”) have got a couple of teams in this year, and they’re a lovely bunch of people who not only tolerate me, but also… well, that’s about it really, they just tolerate me.

TR24 is a 24 hour off-road event that takes place over the course of a summers weekend, which is funny, because exactly the same can be said about the other race I’ve entered: the Colworth Marathon Challenge (more info here). I’ve had my eye on this one for a few years but have never entered until now, which is strange as it’s right on my doorstep, it’s great value and looks like a ton of fun. Basically, you run a five miler on the Friday evening, then an 8.1 cross country route on Saturday lunchtime, topped off with a half marathon on Sunday morning (all of which adds up to 26.2 miles, maths fans). There’s plenty of other stuff going on inbetween all the running too; with a weekend of camping, beer and bouncy castles. The best bit is that you get a medal or race memento for each part of the event. Three times the bling!

However, it has to be said that the race I’m most looking forward to is the first ever “Verbitsky Mile”. But more about that another time. Watch this space 😉

* last August. I’m from the Midlands.

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