Glovely: Revisited


Hello nice people who read my blog. You may remember that a few weeks ago I tried to figure out whether there was any point in running gloves. My carefully thought out (i.e. I wasn’t drunk) conclusion was that, no, there wasn’t really any point in all the extra bells and whistles, and a bog-standard pair of gloves would do just fine.

However, since I posted it, several people have leapt to the defence of running gloves, citing some important features that you just don’t tend to find in ordinary gloves. So, in the interests of balance, here’s the argument in favour of running gloves

  1. Scrunch-uppiness. One of the advantages of running gloves is that they tend to be very thin and lightweight, so you can scrunch them into a tiny ball and store them in your bra until you need them (or so I’m told). Thin latex/nitrile gloves would be equally stowable, but they’d soon make your hands sweaty and, more importantly, make you look a bit like a serial killer.

  1. Handy pockets. Running gloves often feature little pockets in the palm. These are a handy place to store small items such as coins, nanobots, a spare pair of gloves (see above) or one of those little things that super-villains throw on the floor that explodes in a big puff of smoke so that they can escape. These pockets are actually advertised as key pockets, but that’s of no use to me as I don’t carry a house key with me when I run; I tend to just hide it behind the small red flowerpot next to the garage.

Um… you should probably forget you read that last bit. Thanks.

  1. Nose-wipe chamois thumb. This is the thing that won me over, and I can’t believe I overlooked it. Regular woolly gloves are toasty and warm to run in, but have you ever casually wiped your nose on one? You’re left with a glistening shimmery snail-trail of mucus, streaked atop the wool like wet toilet paper draped on top of a privet hedge. Who’s going to want to shake your hand after that? Nobody, that’s who.

Well, maybe perverts.

11 thoughts on “Glovely: Revisited

  1. I would say they’re worth it just cause in normal or latex gloves your palms get hella sweaty. To be honest I don’t believe the ‘pocket’ is useful for anything but perhaps pet ants. As for the nose wipe- learn how to snot rocket! Better for the environment I hear…

  2. Good article Jay, the only thing I can’t figure out though is why you didn’t buy a pair with your own name on? 😜

  3. Re: number 1, almost any running related clothing is scrunchable, during one 10 mile run I managed to get my gloves in one gel pocket of some tri shorts, my keys in the other, a folded cap in the front waistband, plus a jacket and running tee shirt stuffed in the back of the shorts, which probably made me look as if I was being chased down by some massive haemorrhoids.

  4. This is why I’ll never shake hands with an active runner or cyclist unless the gloves come off! The thinnest gloves I have are actually silk glove liners (motorcycle store) and they are really useful. In spring and autumn they are my goto gloves. In winter they are an extra layer to go inside other gloves and relieve the problem of getting in and out of heavy winter (read: skiing) gloves that are needed here. They tend to be cheaper than specialist running gloves and last just as long.

      • Such a small area to aim for and sooooo much snot to clear. Maybe there are extensions for forearms? Also, the chamois areas don’t dry as quickly as the rest of the glove.

      • That’s true. And other runners get a bit funny if you try to sidle up to them and ask to borrow theirs mid-race.

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