Wrote This Run

Yesterday I received an email, informing me that Write This Run was coming to an end. In case you haven’t come across it before, Write this Run is a community for people who enjoy running, and writing about running. A lot of the people involved with it also seem to enjoy gin and baking too, but I think the domain name www.writethisruneatthiscakeandthengetroyallyhammered.co.uk had already been taken. It was set up by Liz Goodchild and Laura Fountain, who put together some amazing events and generally made twitter a brighter place with their online tomfoolery.

I just used the word “tomfoolery”. What have I become1?

But now WTR has run its course, and Liz & Laura have decided that the time has come to move onto other projects. Very soon, and perhaps by the time you read this, Write this Run will no longer exist on the world wide interweb highway or on the twitter. Am I sad to see it go? I am a bit, but I’ve got some great memories from the last couple of years: I was lucky enough to attend their first conference back in May 2013 (where I picked up what I still consider to be my favourite goodie bag ever), and I got a place in the WTR team for the 2014 Reading Half Marathon. My absolute favourite moment has to be their Monoblogues event last August when, for the price of a hastily-drawn cat, I was given the opportunity to take to the stage and feel like a rock star for a little while.

So am I really sad to see it go? Well, not so much if I’m honest. Liz and Laura will still be running, writing and (I’m sure) doing all sorts of interesting side projects. They just won’t be doing it under the banner of a little blue circle with white lettering. And the last couple of years has introduced me to plenty of likeminded people, so I’ve always got tons of writing/running inspiration at my fingertips.

In their closing email, Liz and Laura did mention that they’d be open to the possibility of handing Write This Run over rather than deleting it altogether, so if any of you have the time, energy and vision to keep it going in new and interesting directions, why not drop them a line?

Huge thanks to Liz, Laura and all the others who’ve shared the Write This Run journey.

There really was a cat picture, honest.

1 a prick. I’ve become a prick.


6 thoughts on “Wrote This Run

  1. I am still wallowing :-(. I’ve learned so much from those two brilliant women under the banner of a little blue circle with white lettering. However, a toblerone has improved my mood dramatically.

  2. Yes! I’m gad someone put it into words, it was really such a special thing. I don’t think I’d know half the running people I do without it.

    But hopefully the community will continue to live on. I wish we had time to do something with it, but I just don’t know how!

  3. Jay I love your blog I hope you win the running awards. I did see they mentioned about taking it over. Interesting…

    • Thanks, but i haven’t a hope in hell of coming anywhere near winning. There are some proper awesome blogs on the shortlist. I just want to swan around eating snacks and clapping 🙂

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