B2PQ&A: The Lozzatron


So then, who wants to find out some stuff about Laura AKA The Lozzatron? If you’re not already following her on the twitter (@TheLozzatron) or subscribing to her blog (www.ironlozza.wordpress.com) then, frankly, you’re an idiot. Okay that was a weeny bit harsh, but you should. The thing I’ve always liked about Lozza is the fact that, like me, running doesn’t always come easy to her, but that just makes the triumphs so damn sweet that as you read about them you’ll want to start nibbling the corners of your computer screen.

Don’t do that last thing in Kettering library on a Wednesday afternoon. You’ll get looked at.

Lozza also writes about her triathlon stuff but I couldn’t say whether those bits are any good as triathlons scare me. If I accidentally start reading a tri post, I’ll sometimes let out a little yelp and then scurry off and hide under the stairs for a bit. So then, without further ado…

(hey, I just found out how to do little lines on wordpress. These things are going to be everywhere from now on!)

Lozza on Lozza
Hey, I’m Lozza and I do running and triathlon. I also write a blog where I talk about running, triathlon and life and stuff. After a few years bumbling around ‘getting through’ races and feeling sorry for myself about it, in 2014 I stood up and did something about it, cut the chains and promised myself I’d always be kind to myself, and life just fell into place, as did racing. Also very proud member of Shabbarunners.

1. Which actor would portray you in a movie of your running life? (If someone’s already made a movie of your running life, you can skip this question).

Can I have 2? I’m having 2.

Lisa Kudrow. After watching the video of me finishing Wheaton Aston 10k a few weeks ago there is only one person who is able to replicate my style of running. ACTUAL PHOEBE!
Miranda Hart. She farts whilst she runs – tick. She falls over a lot – tick.

2. What’s the one song that never fails to give you a mid-run boost?
Foo Fighters – Times like These
I’m not a fan of running with music, but twice during races this song has come on my iPod at exactly the right time. The first mile at Silverstone Half Marathon 2014 and when running up The Mall to the finish at VLM 2012. That one line, ‘it’s times like these you learn to live again’ is everything that running means to me. It gives me a huge smile, very teary eyes and the mind set I need to finish what I’ve started, no matter what pain I think I might be in.

3. In 12 words or less, explain why people should read your blog. You can double up to 24 words, as long as one of them is “octopus”.
Cos I vomit words onto a screen and somehow it works, apparently! (ps, that question is HARD!!)

4. Why did you start running?
I quit smoking and needed a distraction, and I also needed to lose A LOT of weight. Six years on and finally I have lost the weight I needed to and that has made a huge impact on my running ability. I was inspired by my sister who is a runner and thought I’d give it a go. It was the best decision that I have ever made and it has totally changed my life, introducing me to some of my bestest friends.

5. Why do you keep running?
Because running wins the competition of everything. I like the challenge, I enjoy pushing myself, I can achieve things I never thought possible, and when someone says I can’t, I can stick two fingers up at them and do it anyway.

6. Running’s nice, isn’t it?
No, running is amazing. It’s like you’re in a special club. Runners just understand each other, they just GET IT. Every runner knows that feeling of running so fast downhill that takes you back to being eight, the arms come out and you turn into an aeroplane, and you feel like your lungs are going to burst! We ALL wanna run like Phoebe!!

7. What’s the best goodie bag you ever received?
Stratford Half in 2009. I GOT A MARS BAR!! Unlike Coventry Half in 2011 when I got a manky apple, YUK!

8. Still on the subject of goodie bags, imagine you’re a race director with an unlimited budget. What five items would you put in the ultimate goodie bag.
  1. A MARS BAR!
  2. A massive glass of gin and ginger beer
  3. A firemans lift
  4. A selection of ALL the kit for me to rummage through
  5. Another mars bar, and a sick bag.
       Jay: The sick bag makes it six items. You've Kudrowed me again!

9. Favourite place to run?
Having fallen in love with open water swimming last year I’m totally into running around big bits of water. I used to love running on the road, but I feel so much more ‘me’ and my mind it full of aces when I’m away from the road and there is a gorgeous bit of water to look at. Especially at sunrise, if I can do the getting up maths.

10. A law is passed that states all runners must have a nickname, like Caballo Blanco or Alan “the Turtle” Winthorpe. What’s yours?
TheLozzatron. It’s like I’m an actual Transformer.

11. If you had a time machine and could go back to when you first started running, what advice would you give your younger self? It’s a special running-themed time machine, so you can only offer words of wisdom that are directly related to running. That means no lottery numbers or warnings of “whatever you do, don’t trust that cheesemonger”.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there is something that you cannot do. Keep moving forward, never give up. Oh, and if I could go back to yesterday, WEAR THE TRAIL SHOES THAT YOU BOUGHT FOR TRAIL RUNNING! Not the road shoes that are now RUINED!

12. How are you today?
Life is good!

So, that was Lozza. If you fancy doing one of these B2PQ&A thingies, drop me a line at contact@borntoplod.com.

Want more? You’re weird. You can find me on facebook here or chase me around twitter:(@borntoplodblog). Also, I’m on some sort of shortlist for the 2015 running awards. If you’re feeling extra clicky, why not head over there now and vote for me. I’ll put up a swanky sidebar button link thingy at some point, but for now, it’s therunningawards.com

2 thoughts on “B2PQ&A: The Lozzatron

  1. Love it! One of my fave runners on one of my fave blogs! I’ve been spoiled! *sigh of contentment*

    p.s. Lozza – you were totally CHEATING on those numbered answers.

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