Haiku Review: EventClips

Bloody safety pins
Favourite shirts holey and pulled
Get some EventClips



6 thoughts on “Haiku Review: EventClips

  1. Do these work for you? I was given some instead of a post race goodie bag a while back but I can’t get them to click ‘fast’… So resorting to safety pins again. Great post as ever!

    • Cheers Dom. Did you make holes in the race number first? Once I started doing that the clips snapped together perfectly. I even carry a hole-punch in my race bag now (because I’m a bloody neat-freak!)

      • Ahhhhh, holes, of course! Yes, that makes perfect sense and made all the difference. I will road test them properly on Sunday at the Surrey Badger HM. In the meantime I have replaced staple gun with hole punch in race kit! Thanks for the tip!!

    • Fantastic. I’d never go back to pins again. Also, I’m not allowed pointy things.

      If recommend buying a couple of sets, of you’re as good at losing stuff as I am. I lost one of the clips within the first 24 hours and it means I’ll have to fork out for p&p again which doubles the price. Should’ve stocked up.

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