Wings For Life


Just a quickie to let you know about a race I’ve heard about that sounds pretty interesting. In the last couple of years there’s been a growing trend of adding an extra element to races in order to make them stand out from the crowd. Nine times out of ten this just involves bunging in an assault course or a few zombies, but the organisers of the Wings For Life race have come up with something a little different.

The full details can be found on the race website, but the basic premise is that there’s a sweeper car that sets off 30 minutes after all the runners have started, which then accelerates after them at a fixed rate. The car’s fitted with a sensor linked to your timing chip, so it’s kind of a moving finish line. As soon as the car catches up with you, the race is over. The race is being held at Silverstone, the home of British motor racing and there are some amazing spot prizes in randomly selected goodie bags. To top it all off, every penny of the entry fee (once VAT has been deducted) will be going to charity.

The only downside is that the race is next weekend (4th May) so if you’re interested you’ll need to sign up pronto. I have to admit that I’ve known about it for a couple of weeks, but (as most of you will know by now) I’m shamefully disorganised. Seriously, it’s like putting a drunk pelican in charge of your office filing system.

I do have a couple of suggestions that the race organisers might like to adopt for their next event. I’m assuming it’ll just be a normal car with some GPS and timing gubbins thrown in, but why not make things a bit more interesting* for the runners by covering it in barbed wire, dog poo and angry bees. I haven’t worked out how the angry bees would be attached yet, but that’s surely what we have scientists for. Or why not just do away with the car entirely and just hire a combine harvester for the day? That’ll get the buggers running.


*I sometimes confuse “interesting” with “deadly”.


2 thoughts on “Wings For Life

    • It does look great doesn’t it? No matter how tired people are, I bet they’ll all find a last burst of energy when they realise they’re about to get caught. I’d have loved to do it, but have work stuff on.

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