As you may have guessed from my overindulgence in hashtags recently, I’m currently involved in a campaign called #TranscendYourRun. It’s being run by The Running Bug, and coincides with the launch of Brooks’ new Transcend shoe. Along with nine ace runners (I know, I have no idea how I snuck under the radar either) I’ve been trying out the shoes, and every week we’ll be doing a different themed challenge. I’ve always been a fan of the running bug as, rather than simply reeling out ways to run further and/or faster, it instead focusses more on the fact that running is brilliant. I’ll be reviewing the Transcend shoes very soon.

I’ve been a bit behind in my bloggingness recently, so #transcendyourrun has already been going for a few weeks, but here’s a bit of a breakdown…

Week 1: Reward your run.

The first week was all about rewarding your hard work, and talking about the delicious food and other treats that wait for us on the other side of a long run. For a whole week the internet was even more awash with pictures of beer, biscuits and battenburg than usual. #rewardyourrun

Week 2: Find the positive.

The challenge for the second week was to find the positive in every run. This was right up my street as I’ve had more than my fair share of awful lead-legged plods that’ve made me want to set fire to my running shoes and throw them in a wheelie-bin full of acid and piranhas*. I’m a firm believer in the ethos that there’s no such thing as a bad run, and if you think you’ve had one I’ll be more than happy to feed you pie while explaining why the run was actually ace. Okay, there might not be pie, but it’d be nice wouldn’t it? #findthepositive

Week 3: Transcend your town.

Last week was all about showing the world where you run. The internetweb has been awash with photos of stunning panoramic trails, famous landmarks and sprawling cityscapes. I’ve mainly been looking at these with jealous awe while considering how dull my routes are in comparison. Yes, I have “route envy”, which can only be cured if Kettering borough council agree to build a sprawling national park crammed with Eiffel towers. #transcendyourtown

Week 4: ?
There’s still a few weeks of #transcendyourrun to go, so plenty of time to get involved. This week’s theme should be announced soon, so get your hashtags at the ready. You can check out the party** here: Transcend Hub



* That might be a teensy bit excessive, but it’d certainly get the job done, one way or another.

** it’s not a REAL party because there aren’t any quavers and I’m not self-consciously sitting in a corner looking at the bookshelf of the person throwing the party and silently judging them.



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