Are you a runner or a squirrel?


Are you a runner or a squirrel?

1. Look down at your feet. What do you see?

A: Running shoes (GO TO QUESTION 2)
B: Adorable little fuzzy paws (GO TO QUESTION 6)

2. What are your thoughts on storing nuts for winter?

A: It’s my favourite thing to do (GO TO QUESTION 6)
B: What? Are you mental? (GO TO QUESTION 3)

3. Do you have a bushy tail that you use for counterbalancing?

A: Yes, of course I do. I’m a squirrel (GO TO QUESTION 6)
B: No, I’m a runner. A human runner (GO TO QUESTION 4)

4. What’s your VO2 MAX?
A: 35-40 (GO TO QUESTION 5)
B: 41-50 (GO TO QUESTION 5)
D: (ignores question and runs up a tree really fast) GO TO QUESTION 6

5. Describe your parents.
A: Supportive of my running. They always come to cheer me on when I race. (GO TO 7)
B: They worry about me when I’m out running alone at night. (GO TO 8)
C: Squirrels (GO TO 6)

6. You’re a squirrel.

7. Probably not a squirrel.

8. Probably not a squirrel.

Next week: Are you a runner or a 16th century woodcarving?







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