What’s Going On?


Just a quicky to take stock of the various races, events and other stuff that I’ve got coming up at the moment…

Run to Remember

There are just five-ish weeks left of the Run to Remember 125 day charity runstreak, which I’m doing as part of Team Bedfordshire. I hit the 250 mile target a couple of weeks ago and have decided to push for 400 miles in total. Although the mileage itself hasn’t been an issue so far, I’ve been really struggling with the “running every day” side of things, both in terms of fitting it in and in convincing my body that rest days are for wimps. All money raised is going to the PC Nicola Hughes memorial fund, so if you’d like to help us reach our target, please visit www.justgiving.com/bedfordshirepoliceruntoremember. Thanks.

Reading Half Marathon

This Sunday (2nd March) I’ll be taking part in the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon. The lovely people at Write this Run have put together a team of ace runny types, and I’ve somehow managed to sneak in amongst them. My PB at this distance is 1:58, but that was on a big fat hilly course and Reading is much flatter, so I’ll be trying to get as close to 1:50 as possible without breaking myself. In the weeks leading up to this race, I’ve devised a carefully-structured training plan:

Step one: Decide I want to achieve 1:50:00

Step two: Wait until race day and try to achieve 1:50

Just to be on the safe side, I’ve done a bit of running between step one and two, but to be honest the tail end of Run to Remember has seen me doing more junk miles and less varied, quality running. This could go very wrong, and if I do manage 1:50 it’ll be thanks to a cocktail of luck and bloody-mindedness.

Thunder Run

I still keep telling myself that the last weekend in July is years away, and that I’ve got no reason to worry about the fact that I’m doing a solo 24 hour running event when I haven’t even run a marathon before.

Um, excuse me for just one second…


There, that’s better.

So, plenty to look forward to at the moment (along with a handful of very exciting projects that I’ll be announcing soon – watch this space). Once Run to Remember is finished, I’ll be taking a few well-earned rest days before getting back into the swing of things with some more structured training.


Bye! Have a terrific weekend.


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