a slightly-late end of the year thingy…

photo (4)I began writing this blog post a few days ago, but it started off with 500-ish words of moaning about what an awful, utterly depressing running slump I’d experienced for the first few months of 2013. Most of you who follow this blog do so for tales of possibly-made-up encounters with talking otters and stuff like that, so I’m sure as hell you don’t want to hear me moping about how in February I only ran six feet or how, during a particularly drizzly Easter bank holiday run, my legs were eaten by badgers. I don’t see the point in dwelling on the past when I could be focussing on the future (and dwelling on the past a little bit), so I decided to hit “delete” and started afresh with a quick look back at 2013 and a few thoughts on what 2014 might bring…

The highs of 2013:

  • The birth of my twins, Izzy and Milo, who are now one year old and showing their true colours as evil geniuses, outsmarting Daddy at every turn.
  • Write this Run (blogged about here and here)
  • Personal Bests aplenty:

5k = 23:38 (at the Marston Forest 5k)

1 mile = 6:30 (training run)

5 miles = 39:58 (training run)

Half Marathon = 1:58.03 (from 2:13.18!!!) at the Bedford Harriers Half.

  • Discovering the wonderful Saucony Kinvara 3, which stopped me blubbing about the demise of the Brooks Green Silence for a couple of minutes.
  • Spending an amazing day being poked, prodded and generally made to feel like a proper grown-up athlete by the folks at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Read all about it here and here.
  • Running for charity for the very first time, by entering Team Bedfordshire into Run to Remember. We’re now approximately a quarter of the way through our 125 runstreak. Expect an update in the next week or two. Feel free to throw a pound or two at this excellent cause.
  • Thunder, Thunder THUNDER RUN!!! You can read my slightly-less-rambly-than-last-year report of tr24 here and here.
  • A few niggles aside, getting through another year without injury.

The not-so-highs of 2013:

  • That slump.
  • Completely failing on many of the goals I’d set this time last year (didn’t enter many races, didn’t do much trail running, STILL haven’t run a marathon, didn’t do much cross-training, didn’t marshal at a race, didn’t hit 1000 miles). But failure is the expected norm with new years resolutions, so it’s not really failure. Speaking of which…

Some goals for 2014:

  • A few more arbitrary PB targets

HM: 1:50.00

10k: sub-50

5k: 21.00

1 mile: sub-6

  • Run a bloody marathon!
  • Get my eating back on track. For some reason, the tail end of this year has seen me turning into a cheese-magnet as soon as darkness falls*.

I was tempted to cheat a bit by only setting goals that I knew were pretty much in the bag, such as “avoid turning into a penguin” or “don’t eat more than three televisions per week”, but knowing my track record I’d have succumbed to at least one of those.

I’m already signed up to a couple of events for 2014, including Reading Half with the Write This Run team, and TR24 as a solo (yaargh!), as well as a few more months of this charity runstreak, so it’s already shaping up to be an interesting year of plodding.

I’ve just realised that there’re an awful lot of links to previous posts here, which sort of makes this the blogging equivalent of one of those flashback episodes of TV shows. You know, like the one where they had Hannibal get stuck in a washing machine that was slowly filling with water, just so they could string together loads of clips from old A-Team episodes.

Happy new year everybody!


* I wonder how many strange people will navigate to this page because they googled “cheese magnet”. Probably lots.

 Want more? Really? You’re a bit odd. Well, if you insist, you can have a look back through some old blog posts here at borntoplod.com. Most of them contain ducks. Alternatively, you can chase me round the playground that is twitter (@borntoplodblog) or pop over to Facebook and check out my page.


4 thoughts on “a slightly-late end of the year thingy…

    • Very fair point. Now that I look back on the year, there was so much good stuff going on, even in those weeks/months when I was wallowing in self pity and whining “I’ve lost my mojo” at passers-by.

      It definitely helps to look back at things with fresh eyes and get a healthy dose of perspective.

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