Competition time: win a FitSip Pro-Lite


Hello lovelies. A while back I reviewed a product called the FitSip, a small hydration pack that you wear on your forearm. I put it through some rigorous testing, although because I thought it looked a bit like some sort of futuristic weapon, most of this “testing” involved doing commando rolls across my living room floor and shouting “ptew ptew” while firing invisible plasma rays at marauding Plutonian  Zomboids (also invisible).

I used the review (here you go) to suggest a couple of possible improvements and also mentioned that the FitSip’s only real downfall was that it was just a little bit on the bulky side. Well, it turns out that the boffins at FitSip HQ were listening, and have just unveiled the FitSip Pro-Lite which features several improvements…

  • Slimmed down design is considerably more lightweight and breathable
  • Comes in a choice of 6 colours
  • Handy little coin pocket
  • Taser
  • Okay, no Taser (yet)

A shiny new FitSip Pro-Lite will soon be winging its way to one of you lucky lot. To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this simple question:

In my review of the original FitSip, I claimed (although possibly* not true) that it was invented by Nigel Fitsip in which year?

A: 1908

B: 2009

C: 2098

D: Bon Jovi

Email your answer to before the closing date of Sunday 8th December and I’ll pick a winner at random. I’ll then contact the winner for their address and choice of colour.

If you don’t win, you can still get a hefty 20% discount at Just use the voucher code JAY20 at the checkout.

In other news, cat lovers will be interested to know that me and the FitSip team are currently working on the “KitSip”, a small hydration system that straps to the front leg of your feline chum and dispenses creamy milk. Well, I say “currently working on”; they haven’t replied to any of my emails about it yet. Probably just busy putting together a prototype or calculating how much commission to pay me. Yeah, that’ll be it.

*okay, definitely not true.


3 thoughts on “Competition time: win a FitSip Pro-Lite

    • Only a coin, unfortunately. The FitSip team are a very nice, amenable bunch, but as soon as I mentioned your coin/key question the mood suddenly became dark. To quote: “if anyone even THINKS about putting keys in the coin pocket, they’ll also need a handy pocket for storing their kneecaps”.

      Only kidding 🙂

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