Run to Remember

Back at the beginning of the year, one of my goals for 2013 was to run for a charity, which is something I hadn’t done before. It was starting to look like this was going to go the same way as most of my other well-intentioned new year running resolutions, until I spotted this poster at work…


I quickly signed up. In fact, probably a little too quickly as I was the first from Bedfordshire to register and so landed the job of organising the Beds team. Those of you who have met me will know that I possess the keen organisational ability of an elderly, concussed walrus who has spent the last fortnight being fed a diet of sleeping pills and Prosecco by an evil zookeeper. Still, it’s for a great cause, so I’m proud to be a part of it. Although the website originally said they wanted 10 people from each force, there was an amazing response and now Beds has over 20 fantastic runners taking part. My weekly mileage currently hovers between 20-30 miles, so the 14 mile weekly total shouldn’t be too much of a problem. What will be a massive challenge is getting out there consistently every single day, come rain or shine and regardless of illness, hangover or Christmas-ness.

We might have had more, but a few people got confused and thought they’d have to do their runs in the North Pole, and were put off an irrational fear of hungry polar bears or a much more rational fear of angry spouses.

So from 1st December to 4th April I’ll be pounding the streets, trails and treadmills of Bedfordshire every day, still a bit worried about polar bears. If you’d like to sponsor me on this challenge, head off to You can also donate via text, just by sending “BEDS55” followed by the amount you’d like to donate to 70070 (e.g. “BEDS55 £5”). Every little bit helps, and on behalf of Team Bedfordshire and everyone else involved in Run to Remember, I’d like to thank you for your support. I’ll try to post weekly updates on here.

Unless I get eaten.



Click here for more information about Run to Remember.


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