Getting shirty

I’ve noticed that humorous running shirts have been growing in popularity recently. I haven’t really, that was a lie, but I needed a line to introduce my blog post about running shirts.

I first dabbled with T-shirt slogans when I first started running, when (as a complete vanity project) I printed up a shirt that had “IF YOU CAN READ THIS, THERE’S A VERY GOOD CHANCE YOU’RE ABOUT TO LAP ME” emblazoned across the back. Since then, the T-shirt slogan lobe of my brain laid dormant until last week, when I started idly thinking of a few more, each more tenuous than the last…

1.jelly baby

2.doingrunning 3.mylegshurt 4.Doing thisWhenever I’m not running and I see someone who is, I always have the urge to let them know that I’m One Of Them (see here for more on this). I thought this T-shirt might be the answer to that problem, but it’s just occurred to me that it could send out the wrong message if I’m seen by anyone other than runners. For instance, what if I stumble across some people mugging a little old lady, or worse: a protest rally in support of the Daily Mail.

cut you Probably a tad harsh.

6.BearsYou’d have to keep this one rolled up in your pocket or waist pack and only wear it if the bear thing actually happened, because nobody likes a fibber.

Runners do itI’m not sure I’ve got the hang of this.


Anyway, if you represent a famous sports clothing companies and want to put any of these into production then… well, frankly I’ll lose all respect for you.

Bye 🙂



24 thoughts on “Getting shirty

  1. I think the bear one could catch on (that is the one about being chased by bears, not to be mistaken with the bare one, which is a bit more daring, but chilly). Could you do alternates for, say, wolves, honeybadgers and wasps. depending on the danger.

  2. I actually love “I’m doing running!” – I often think this as I set off in a race. I still can’t believe I’m a runner, so if some big sportswear company prints this, I’ll buy one 🙂

    • I actually printed up some “I did running” stickers a while back.

      Whenever someone at work succumbs to the running bug and becomes One Of Us, they get mercilessly sticker-bombed.

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