On your marks, Get set… Moisten!


Those of you who wear heart rate monitors with chest straps will know that it’s important to dampen the contacts in order to get the most accurate reading. At the risk of getting too sciencey, this is because the midichlorians that carry information from the heart are natural swimmers and will always gravitate towards water*.

Which poses the question…

*possibly not actual science.

9 thoughts on “On your marks, Get set… Moisten!

    • Not only that, but then you have to turn the bloody thing OFF again afterwards. How many hours do these heart-rate-monitor manufacturing fatcats think there are in the day?

  1. Hi I’ve not been following your posts for long but I’ve done a read back through some of your older posts and they’ve made me laugh (hopefully that was the intention) I’ve just been nominated for a Liebster Award and have chosen 11 other bloggers that I think write great blogs and have nominated yourself as one- you can check out the details via http://trailsandultras.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/my-liebster-award-and-11-nominations/. I don’t know if you’ve been nominated before- sorry!- but just wanted to say thanks for the laughs!!

    • Thanks for the nomination – very much appreciated. Glad you like the blog.

      PS: the cartoons on yours are ace. Fancy doing a guest post on here sometime?

      • That would be cool…although my drawing ability doesn’t get much better than what’s on my blog!!

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