Time keeps on slippin’

Clocks: pesky and evasive

Clocks: pesky and evasive

Thankfully I haven’t experienced this for a while, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has days where a planned (and eagerly-awaited) run follows this downward spiral…

  • Yaay, I’ve got tons of free time today. I’ll have a proper long slow run with a decent warm-up, and a good stretching and foam-roller session afterwards. Maybe even a coffee somewhere while I bask in the post-run glory.
  • Hmmm… that delivery I’m waiting in for should have been here by now.  I’ll probably have to skip the coffee.
  • Still not here. Not to worry though, plenty of time for a decent 10 miler with a bit of a rollering afterwards.
  • I’ve been waiting ages now, this is beyond a joke.  I’m beginning to question whether I even really need a Kris Akabusi sandwich toaster. At this rate I’ll be lucky to have time for a quick 10k round the park before work.
  • Right, delivery is here so I can finally get out for my run. Now… where’s my Garmin?
  • I know it’s around here somewhere, and I can’t possibly go out without it. Everyone knows a run doesn’t count unless it’s recorded on GPS. Will I ever leave the house at this rate?
  • Found it. But it’s getting late. I’ll have to settle for a 5k tempo run now. Oh well, better than nothing.
  • Right. Finally ready to go. But there’s only ten minutes left of Murder She Wrote. Leaving before the murderer is revealed to be the disgruntled tree surgeon who was frozen out of the wealthy widow’s inheritance would just be disrespectful to Angela Lansbury.
  • Okay, if I ignore all red traffic lights, take a short-cut across that school playground and forget about showering I might have just enough time for a 5 minute blast on the treadmill.
  • Now… where did I put my car keys?

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One thought on “Time keeps on slippin’

  1. Ah yes, although for me it’s normally my children deciding that today is the day to wake at 5am rather than sleep until 7am killing any chance of an early morning run.

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