A Plodder’s Guide to Running Mantras: the Results

I ended my previous post (here) by inviting you all to share your favourite running mantras. I even promised an extremely amateurish drunken-monkey-let-loose-in-an-art-supplies-shop drawing to the best one.

Clearly, the lure of a cheap vole-themed portrait was too much to resist, and u got some great replies. In the end though, I whittled it down to two corkers…

First up, from David Anderson of Pursued by Angry Bees fame. Most of you will be familiar with the “duck” principle of being calm and serene on the surface, while out of view you’re paddling furiously. Well, Mr Bees has taken this a step further, and keeps it at the forefront of his mind with the mantra “quack, quack, quack, quack…”

My other favourite was sent in by Doctor On The Run. I think it’s one that we can all relate to: “a clown is chasing you, a clown is chasing you”.

I spent hours seconds slaving over the star prizes, as you can see…



I like to think that my blog not only entertains, but educates too. For instance, the important thing we’ve all learned today is that I’m absolutely crap at drawing voles.


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