A very welcome run


After a few months of struggling to reconnect with my running mojo (and so far avoiding the temptation to whinge about it on here) I had a run last week that hit all the right buttons and made everything sweet again. I’ve always maintained that no matter how long you’ve been in a slump, all it takes is one amazing run and suddenly everything is right with the world and dozens of “meh” runs are forgotten in a heartbeat. Well, not forgotten forgotten, because I just wrote about them, but you get the idea.

So, what made this particular run so wonderful? Well…

  • Five miles of challenging hills (those of you who’ve been reading for a while will remember Blueberry Hills from here and here).It felt strong and steady, like I was running on rails*.
  • Every time I glanced at my pace, I was greeted by the number seven a lot more than I’m used to.
  • I had the chance to try out a few of the form tips that I’d recently picked up from Karen Weir. And they seemed to work. In fact, if I hadn’t stopped to give directions and take a couple of pics, I would have nabbed myself a PB.
  • Lovely sunny day – got my arms out for the first time. I was tempted to refer to them as “the guns” just then, but didn’t want to sound like an absolute dick. Besides, if we’re using weapon analogies, they’re more pea shooter than gun.
  • While tidying up the basement I’d found some old earphones and, unlike my current ones, these didn’t fall out once or give me swamp-ear. It was nice to finally enjoy a soundtrack to my run that didn’t sound as if it was being played through a wall of butter.
  • I’d posted on my blog just moments before heading out the door, so the music on my phone was punctuated by the welcome “bingly bing” of lovely comments coming in.
  • I saw a unicorn.
  • I lied about the last one, but it was an ace run.


See you all on the twitter or facebook.

* It felt like I was running on rails. It probably looked like I was running on custard.

16 thoughts on “A very welcome run

  1. I can’t definitely relate to having a good pair of earphones. Cause of wrestling, I need the right kind to fit my cauliflower ears. Great to hear someone that find that perfect balance while running. Keep up the great work and don’t stop pushing 🙂

  2. Sorry, did we meet at Write This Run. it’s just I’m sure I’d recognise a giant yellow head 😉 Good news on the running. I know what you mean about the one good run that helps you forget about a series of bad ones. It’s just frustrating waiting for it to come!

    • I don’t find it so frustrating any more; I just keep reminding myself that better runs are coming, so it’s just like waiting for Christmas.

      Except with slightly fewer drunken uncles.

  3. Good earphones are so crucial – too many runs have been spent faffing about trying to de-tangle cables and pushing them back in etc. These ones are amazing, if you ever need to buy any more: http://bit.ly/1akaoVA Happy days on the good run – and I’m actually gutted that you lied about the unicorn!! 🙂

  4. Get on them Yurbuds, I tell you!!! And hooray for ace run. I don’t remember what running feels like, period. But hopefully soon… very soon!!!

  5. Woo! You’re back! Earphones are so important (unless you don’t listen to music, in which case they’re not so important) – I had an OK pair that had a band and stayed in. They broke. I got another pair that go in your ear and now I spend a fair chunk of my runs looking like I’m the CIA man in the scene, trying to look like an innocent runner, but secretly ready to jump on the foreign spy. Thank goodness you don’t get much actual spying in the former mining villages of the North East, or I wouldn’t last long…

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