VLM 2013: Good luck everyone!

Hello chums. Just a quick note to wish the very best of luck to any of you running the Virgin London Marathon this weekend. I would have dearly loved to have been there cheering you all on, but unfortunately can’t due to work commitments.

The tragic events at Boston earlier this week will no doubt make this an especially poignant VLM. Ordinarily a tragedy of this magnitude would cast a huge shadow over any similar event that followed; but runners being runners, I know that you’ll all be focussing on the positives and making every step of the race a great big celebration.

I’m sending an extra dollop of good luck to any of you running London while raising money for charity. If any of you are stuck for a last-minute charity idea, I’d like to point out that I like action figures, comics and wouldn’t mind a motorbike. I have to walk nearly 2 miles to my nearest decent coffee shop!

Anyway, on the subject of doing things for charity, the nice people at Angels Fancy Dress (www.fancydress.com) have sent me this neat little infographic. Who’d have thought a leprechaun would be more than twice as fast as an Imperial Stormtrooper? There’s hope for me yet!

Have fun p



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