Running isn’t my life


Running isn’t my life.

Running is the post-it note on my fridge.

Running cuts through the fog.

Running is a dose of perspective;

a magnifying glass to the good things in life,

a wrecking ball to the bad.

Running chews up indecision and poops out clarity.

Running makes your legs hurt.

Running is a party, and everyone’s invited*.

Running just is, and sometimes that’s enough.

Running isn’t my life, but it is a lot of things.


Now for the clever bit. If you take the first letter of each line, it spells out “Rrrraarrrrr” which is exactly the sound I would make if I was trying to startle a bear. And that, my friend, is what running is really about.

* …except Doug. He knows why.

3 thoughts on “Running isn’t my life

    • Lol, “deep” by my standards is anything beyond “see Spot run. Spot ran far. Good boy Spot”.

      Actually, I need a lie down after typing that…

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