Hero to Zero: My adventures in minimalist shoes (Day four)


Reassuring ache of progress in my legs without being full-blown crippling DOMS = Happy Jay.

I’m still feeling pleased with how this is going, although getting a little bit frustrated at having to pretty much start from scratch in terms of mileage. Really finding myself yearning for a nice 12 miler, (and not just for the ensuing chocolate milk and pancake blowout, honest) but I know it’ll come soon enough.

Anyway, todays run was an interval session on the treadmill, and the first time I’ve tried speedwork in the GoBionics. I’ve always found that treadmills promote more of a heelstrike than running out in the open, and so I didn’t really feel the benefit of the shoes so much today. On the machine, my technique has a tendency of becoming a weird flat-footed slapping gait. On the plus side, the noise from my feet sometimes drowns out the sound of my groaning. I like to push myself a bit when doing treadmintervals and can often be heard muttering words of encouragement to myself, such as “Please make it stop”, “Wuurrrrrghhhhh” and “Come on Howard*”.

* Long story

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