Hero to Zero: My adventures in minimalist shoes (Day three)


A little tight today, but only one rest day was needed this time rather than the previous three. Hopefully my body’s becoming acclimatised to a running technique I like to describe as “legs made of slinkies”. Does anyone remember seeing pictures or videos of comedy policemen bounding around with really high knees, truncheon held aloft (careful now!) as they chase urchins and miscreants? Well that’s pretty much been me since I first tried on these shoes, but the internet seems to have let me down and I can’t for the life of me find a picture.

But today was a bit of a turning point.

You see, I started off on todays run in what I had adopted as my usual forefoot style: Bouncy, uncoordinated and utterly convinced that if I let my heels touch the floor for so much as a millisecond I’d burst into flames. But then I had a bit of an epiphany. It struck me that the defining feature of barefoot (or in my case minimalist) running was supposed to be natural efficiency and economy of movement. I can absolutely guarantee that anyone who saw me out running over the last few days would have used some very different words to describe what I was doing. They probably would have called for an ambulance too, just to be on the safe side.

So, embracing a more “light ‘n’ easy” approach, I decided to stop overanalysing every single step and just get on with the act of running. And d’you know what? It worked! My cadence picked up and, while still being a hellishly long way from effortless, the pace settled into a relaxed rhythm with my feet barely kissing the ground with each step*


*That’s how it felt compared to before. Don’t worry; I still looked like a heffalump.

One thought on “Hero to Zero: My adventures in minimalist shoes (Day three)

  1. I’ve found that most things running-wise get better if you stop thinking about them. I spent ages trying to get my arms to move in time with my legs and nearly went mad for my efforts. I gave up trying, at which point they started doing it all by themselves. Clever arms.

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