Hero to Zero: My Adventures in Minimalist Shoes

photo 2When I started running a couple of years ago, my awkward plodding gait and hefty frame meant that I needed shoes with a decent amount of support and cushioning. I’ve come on a fair bit since then, and now boast an awkward plodding gait and an ever-so-slightly less hefty frame, which in turn means I’ve been able to switch to shoes that don’t bear quite so much resemblance to space hoppers. Last year I discovered the Brooks Green Silence, a more lightweight shoe that has earned itself a devoted global following*. As much as I love my BGS, when new-shoe time rolled around I fancied trying something different. I’ve had my eye on the Skechers GoBionic for a while now, ever since seeing them featured in a running magazine.

While the Green Silence are indeed nice and light, they still have a bit of heel differential so don’t tick all of the boxes to be considered a true “minimalist shoe”. Like every other runner on the planet, I’d read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, which makes a compelling argument in favour of barefoot running. But while as lot of it made sense, I could never see myself running shoeless or even in the kind of zero drop shoes that bridge the gap between cushioning and bare skin. It just didn’t seem very me.

Why then did I order a pair of the Skechers Gobionic, a six-ounce shoe that boasts zero drop and a staggering array of minimalist innovation? Honest answer: No idea.

So, a little daunted by the prospect of trying to run with a forefoot strike (which, apparently, these bad boys are designed to encourage) I’m just about to set out on my maiden voyage in them.

I’ll keep you posted day-by-day. Watch this space…

* I mean all Brooks Green Silences, not just mine. I’m not suggesting for one second that I am the proud owner of some kind of celebrity shoe.

Click here for the next installment in my cavalcade of minimalist shenanigans.


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