Lessons from a snowy run


This week, like many of you hardy souls, I ventured out for a run in the snow. It was quite a functional one, as there were errands to be done and the icy road conditions meant that driving would have been about as safe as sticking your hand up a panthers bum while using the other hand to juggle lit fireworks.

My mission was twofold: drop off some milk for the babies at the hospital and then head over to the 24hr supermarket to pick up nachos and wine. As I strapped on my rucksack and primed my Garmin, I felt like a post-apocalyptic hero getting ready to brave the ice-zombies of this godforsaken frozen wilderness in order to get essential medical supplies to some other survivors. I told Mrs Plod this, and she gave me That Look.

I think she was more concerned that I’d get confused and end up buying milk and dropping off nachos and wine at the special care baby unit. Again.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts that popped into my head as I plodded through the fresh snow…

  1. If you’re going for an out-and-back run to pick up groceries, your bag will be heavier on the way back so it’s a good idea not to push yourself too hard on the outward journey. This will come as no surprise to most people.
  2. I am not most people.
  3. It’s impossible to run in the snow without humming the music from the Rocky IV training montage.
  4. There’s something wonderfully hypnotic about the rhythmic crunch of a rucksack full of nachos.
  5. You can buy special gloves that allow you to operate touch-screen smartphones without needing to take them off. A cheaper option is to just use the tip of your nose. It works perfectly, although not ideal for typing lengthy emails.
  6. If you try number 5, that lady walking the two Highland terriers will look at you like you’re mental.

3 thoughts on “Lessons from a snowy run

  1. The two-Highland-Terrier-lady gets out down you way as well? She gads about the place a bit, eh? She was walking a Yorkie last time I saw her, but gave me that very same look while I was laughing as Runmeter read someone’s comment to me…

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