B2P Q&A: Taff Tanner

“my life’s an open road and I just head out the door and run a few more thousand steps along it Taff Tanner

Jay on Taff

Taff Tanner is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Facto.

The fact that he’s a truly awesome runner (and I mean “awesome” in the literal, rather than the colloquial sense) is just the icing on the cake. His knack for putting his epic adventures into words, to the point where anyone who reads his blog genuinely feels as if they’re running alongside him, is the diamond-encrusted platinum-coated cherry on the cake. If it sounds like I’m being over the top, have a look at his Thunder Run 2012 race report. If any of you can read that in its entirety and not feel inspired to run, I’ll buy you a pint. In fact, I’ll buy you several.

But I will think less of you.


Taff on Taff

Hi – I am Taff, part time runner and part time jogger and part time blogger.I run because it gives me something nothing else does, and because I like granola bars and women in lycra. I am single, low maintenance, and you can find me on POF with the profile “Cheesecake_is_way_better_than_Sex”. I am also a compulsive liar! No I am not! Yes I am!

I used to do marathons but now i like to Thunder Run, and Ultra Run………… High mileage, and always training, I live in London with my feline boi, Jake, London’s hardest moggie!


The Big 12…

1.Which actor would portray you in a movie of your running life? (If someone’s already made a movie of your running life, you can skip this question)

Rob Brydon, who is one of my actual real life virtual facebook friends, and who I am going to have to help train up to play “me”

2.What’s the one song that never fails to give you a mid-run boost.

AC/DC Thunderstruck! Any song that starts chanting my name gets my vote:

“Taffster, na na na na na na na na, Taffster, na na na na na na na na, Taffster………”

The riff is dead catchy and once they got over the shock that it was going to play after every tweet and FB notification and every text,

My fellow runners at Thunder Run actually got quite into it! I mean, Thunder Run, Thunderstruck… what’s not to like?

3.In 12 words or less, explain why people should read your blog. You can double up to 24 words, as long as one of them is “octopus”.

My blog is great for making you want to fall asleep, unless….. you happen to be an octopus! They are suckers for love stories!

4.Why did you start running?

One evening I was walking past Comet and some dude in a hoodie gave me a VCR and said “run!”

Actually, a wizard from Middle Earth gave me a ring and said “run you fool, run!”

Joking aside, I ran because it gave me peace during some very trouble times from when I was a soldier.

5.Why do you keep running?

Troubled times above led to copious amounts of alcohol and nicotine, and running has enabled me to kick the habit (21 months this weekend!)

Also I am now a much calmer person, and have a cute butt! And abs! And a vacancy…. (ok I lied but two out of three ain’t bad!)

6.Running’s nice, isn’t it?

Running is what defines me! You can go to these places and see folk who help you map out your life and get to where you want to go….

I find my life is an open road and I just head out the door and run a few more thousand steps along it, never going to lose the buzz it gives me!

7.What’s the best goodie bag you ever received?

Best – VLM – one year i had a bag of tea bags and a £10 note in with mine, obviously a helper got confused, but there were 30,000 bags there!

Worst – Waltham Forest 1/2M (crappy medal, crappy shirt, no granola bar

8.Still on the subject of goodie bags, imagine you’re a race director with an unlimited budget; what five items would you put in the ultimate goodie bag.

Hmmmmmm five items unlimited budget

A £500 voucher for Garmin, A year’s supply of granola bars, a kitten, an autographed box of choclitts like the ones in Forest Gump, and an Audi R8

(ok I know it will be a big goodie bag, but you did stress unlimited ultimate goodie bag!)

9.Favourite place to run?

Naked in the rain

No, its not where or when it’s with….. it’s nice to run with friends! But if I am on my own, down the Grand Union Canal to Chiswick, turn left…..

10.A law is passed that states all runners must have a nickname, like Caballo Blanco or Alan “the Turtle” Winthorpe. What’s yours?

Leg End – Caballo Blanco was a legend, Haille is a legend, Kylie is a legend – me? I am just a Leg End!

11.If you had a time machine and could go back to when you first started running, what advice would you give your younger self? It’s a special running-themed time machine, so you can only offer words of wisdom that are directly related to running. That means no lottery numbers or warnings of “whatever you do, don’t trust that cheesemonger”.

I would write down all the races I went to where i saw a really beautiful fab female runner and tell me to get my @ss in gear, get fit, and go to ALL these races and meet these amazing sexy lady runners!

Or I would simply say Never Buy Karrimor, Never wear red on a cross country run thru a field of cows, Stop heel striking, and invent the Vibram FFS before its time and allow it to be ridiculed and sink into minimalistic hell!

12.How are you today?

Today I am fabulous, as I am nearer to getting my heel thru its MRI scan so I can determine how broken it is so i can fix it!



Well, that’s the first B2P Q&A. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want more Taff, you’ll find him at http://hewhotrainstrains.blogspot.co.uk or on twitter @thunder_runna

4 thoughts on “B2P Q&A: Taff Tanner

  1. I was a bit worried when you said you were going to do a Q&A, I feared there would be too much of a departure from your randomness. I need not have worried – beautifully random as always and introduced us to another great blogger ….have now read Taff’s Thunder Run report, loved it and will be clicking to follow (that is not a euphamism).

    • I tried to move away from the randomness, but it was like trying to move away from one’s spleen.

      Glad you enjoyed the Taff bits. It’s tricky to find the words to convey just how awesome he is. Take a dozen scoops of humility, a kilo of wit, and mix it all up with a metric ton of runningness. Inject it all into a wiry welshman and you’re about a quarter of the way there.

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