Coming soon: B2PQ&A


Hello, you’re looking fantastic  today. I didn’t want to say this in front of the others, but you’re my favourite reader.

Anyway, just a quicky to let you know about an upcoming feature for the blog. As well as my usual weekly(ish) bouts of nonsense, I’m going to start interviewing (okay, pestering) some of my fellow runners. I’ll be asking the kind of hard-hitting questions that, up until now, the running establishment has been too afraid to ask. So, if you’ve always wanted to know what Haile Gebrselassie’s favourite owl is*, or whether Paula Radcliffe has ever punched a vicar**, stay tuned.

Working on the assumption that the world’s top runners won’t be falling over themselves to indulge me in my nonsense, I’m going to start off by talking to some of my favourite running bloggers. An absolutely amazing bunch, all of them are well worth a read, so be sure to subscribe to them if you’re not already.

I’ve got a few lined up already, but if you’ve got any suggestions please let me know, either through this site or via the twitter (@borntoplodblog).

Bye then,



* No idea
** She hasn’t (as far as I know)

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