Just pretend I’m not here

An uncharacteristically brief post from me this weeks folks. Just long enough to say that I’m taking a little break from surfing the blogosphere*.

I’d like to say that the reason for this is because The Man has finally caught up with me after months of painstaking covert surveillance, and his goons are just seconds away from crashing their way through my front door because my blog was getting too close to revealing the truth**.

But the truth is, of course, a tad more mundane. A few days ago saw the first anniversary of Born to Plod**** and on that very day my hit counter ticked over to a mighty 10,000 visits. Admittedly, this might just indicate that 10,000 people visited once, thought “what a load of old tosh” and never came back, or alternatively it might mean that just one glassy-eyed loner read my first post, developed a dangerous obsession with a certain care-bear-shaped plodder and clicked on the link a further 9999 times, each click punctuated with an increased level of muttering ferocity.

But whichever it is, I’m happy, because I’ve enjoyed writing it. My passion for running is still growing day by day, but who’s to say whether I would have got bored or lazy at some point in the last 12 months, had it not been for my laptop calling to me and begging to be filled up with vaguely-running-related lunacy and anecdotes about pirates. So in honour of my foray into wordsmithery (real word), and also as a shameless vanity project, I’ve decided to collect a years worth of blogging into one mighty(ish) volume which I’ll be making available through Amazon’s Kindle thingy. And so I’m planning to spend a week or two busily editing and formatting, and maybe even writing a few new bits, before unleashing born to plod on even more unsuspecting folk. As soon as it’s done I’ll no doubt try to persuade you to buy a copy for your Nan or your neighbour, or your Nan’s neighbour’s cousin.

Thanks to everybody who’s read this thing over the last year and especially for the kind (and sometimes mildly terrifying) comments.

And if I’m not back in two weeks, it means I was probably right about the lizard thing.

PS: Good luck to everyone running for Sport Relief this weekend. If any of you are from my neck of the woods I’ll be doing the Kettering 6-miler. Come and say Hi.

* which is idiot-speak for “writing nonsense”. A little part of me died when my automatic spellcheck had no problem with “blogosphere” while putting an angry red line under other, much more acceptable, words such as “smurfing”.
** Secret lizard overlords are using mind-control energy gels to make us do their scaly bidding, and the Mizuno logo is in fact the secret symbol of the Atlantean illuminati***
*** Not really.
**** i.e. the blog you’re reading right now. Apologies if you thought this was http://www.borntoprod.wordpress.com (the UK’s foremost blog about nudging and poking)


3 thoughts on “Just pretend I’m not here

  1. Congratulations – on the year and the 10,000 – very impressed. Looking forward to the cyber-book… as long as it doesn’t attain self-realisation and go on to take over the world with an army of machines. If that’s likely then maybe think twice?

  2. Good luck… would be really interested to hear how you find the experience publishing through Kindle. I’ve worked with publishers before but never done it myself so any insight would be greatly appreciated. And start blogging again (for Volume 2 maybe?) again soon!

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