Running (and so too blogging) has taken something of a back seat this week due to the unwelcome appearance of my arch-nemesis Professor Man-flu.

Although every fibre of my being is itching to lace up the Asics and head out the front door to “jolly well show this cold who’s boss”, I know for a fact that I’d get no more than 50 feet down the road before I started trying to breathe through my elbows, shortly followed by my collapsing into a slightly-less-than-dignified snotty heap. A determined snotty heap, but a snotty heap nonetheless.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed shortly. But there’s no drama – it’s not as if I’ve got a race in two weeks time is it? A race that I was already unprepared for. Oh dear.

Oh f***ing dear.

In the meantime, here’s something I stumbled across while running last week that made me chuckle…


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