…please insert music-related pun here… (Part 2)

Just a quicky to follow on from my last post – Something I discovered today that’s worth remembering next time you’re choosing suitable running music…

Seasick Steve’s 2008 album “I started out with nothin and I still got most of it left” is great to listen to while, for example, plodding round a lake like some sort of king-sized dyspraxic Pinocchio.

However, I’d never really listened to it properly all the way through before, and so never realized until today that the album ends with what is essentially an eleven-minute monologue about chimneys.

The worrying thing is I was happily zoned outmid-run at the time, and so it didn’t actually register until right at the end of the track. So now not only do I have sore legs (first ever sub-60 minute 10k, yay me) but I also now know much more about chimneys.


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