Over the last few weeks I’ve started thinking about what my goals are. To be honest, I’m not particularly goals-orientated and am generally happy to just go with the flow. But I’ve been running (to one extent or another) for over five months now and decided it was time to set a few (gentle) targets rather than ambling aimlessly.

1. 5k in 30 mins

Just to clarify, that’s Goal number 1: five kilometres in 30 minutes. NOT 1.5k in 30 minutes, which would be a poor show even by my standards. At the moment it’s taking me around 35-40mins to get to 5k, although I can’t be sure of the exact time because I’ve yet to try a route that’s exactly 5k and/or flat. At some point I have to stop blaming my poor times on having stumpy little ewok legs, and that point may as well be now.

2. Average pace of 10 min/mile

Soooo close, but that’s for another blog post.

3. Don’t get confused when attempting Goal No.2 and aim for 10 mile/min

… as doing so would be difficult and may cause my legs to catch fire

4. Five miles without slowing to a walk

Been close to this a few times – see previous blog posts – and I think if I get a run where everything goes right (i.e. fuelled up, no injuries or “twinges”, the right weather, no pretty landscapes that I need to stop and take pictures of) then I’ll crack it. Won’t win any land-speed records but I will crack it.

5. Enter my first race

I’d already entered one, but got an email last week to tell me that the Shuttleworth 5 has been cancelled. Absolutely gutted. As I’ve said before on this blog, I wasn’t planning on treating it like an actual race as I’m only slightly faster than continental drift*, but everyone keeps telling me what a great atmosphere there is at these events and I was looking forward to experiencing it for myself. So as of now I’m on the lookout for another similar race. Watch this space.

6. Get into the habit of stretching after every run (and icing when necessary) – not just on the odd occasion that I remember

I’m starting to get the hang of this, and combine it with the sacred act of eating a post-run bagel or writing this very blog.

7. Phase in a healthier diet

The aforementioned bagels have a tasty spread of peanut butter on them. I have now learned that an entire black forest gateau sandwiched between two halves of a bagel and dunked in melted fudge is not a suitable healthy snack. So making progress there 🙂

8. Be featured in Heat or Cosmopolitan magazine with a big photo of me holding a car tyre in each hand and looking a bit oily and brooding

I haven’t read either magazine for a while so this may have already happened.

9. Keep running and keep enjoying it!

It goes without saying that this one outweighs all of the other goals.

* For those who were wondering, Continental Drift is not the name of a racehorse.

A leg, yesterday


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