Everyone loves the sunshine

I HATE the sunshine.

For some reason I’ve always been a cold-weather, stomping through the snow, mug-of-cocoa type of person. The slightest hint of warm weather makes me feel uncomfortable, itchy and drained of all energy. Sort of like heroin, I imagine. After a while I do tend to acclimatise to the heat, but by then it’s usually Boxing Day and I have other things on my mind, mostly involving eggnog*.

Today was around 19°C and certainly one of the hottest days of the year so far. I only started running at the end of last year, around November, so going out in any sort of heat whatsoever is not something I’m used to yet.

I primarily write this thing for my own amusement, and have no idea who else reads it. But in case anyone from outside the UK happens to stumble across it, 19° is a heatwave over here. It’s ice lolly weather. It’s practically the centre of the sun. Well, it is for me anyway.

As I said in an earlier post, this week at work has quite active and I’ve spent a lot of it running around a gym getting sweaty. As such, I’ve been trying to take it easy when not at work, conserving energy and being careful not to push myself too hard or risk injury. But all week I’ve been looking forward to a big Friday afternoon run, and was planning to explore an interesting little leafy dell** I spotted last time I did my woodland route.

When I got in from work I was already dressed for the occasion***, and had loaded up on carbs on the journey home. I was full of energy and enthusiasm, and had plenty of time on my hands – maybe today would be the day I pushed up towards a gentle 10k amble. I stepped outside and…

…instantly felt like someone had wrapped me in a duvet. They hadn’t, don’t worry, it just felt like it. In fact duvet-related muggings are down by over 30% this year in my street.

Anyway, I digress as usual. Of course, the reason I felt like this was because of the heat, sapping every last bit of energy out of me along with a healthy slice of my earlier hopes of a great run. I carried on regardless and, long story short, did a slightly shortened woodland route with a couple of slow-down moments. To be honest, the lack of energy wasn’t really the problem, and I felt as if I could potentially have dug a little deeper and stuck to my planned run. No, the main issue for me today was that I haven’t run on a hot day before and simply didn’t know my limits. Although I’d made efforts to properly hydrate myself, I had visions of succumbing to heat exhaustion at the furthest point of my run, a good three miles from anywhere. In my mind I’d drag myself along a dusty track muttering “waaaa-terrrrr”, as a patch of woodland on the outskirts of an English market town suddenly morphed into the Arizona Desert. I was momentarily brightened by the thought that if that did happen, maybe I’d meet my spirit guide. However, this thought turned sour when I decided that, knowing my luck, my spirit guide would turn out to be an angry angry badger, and we wouldn’t get on. So I deferred to common sense, which to anyone who knows me will come as a massive shock, and kept my run short. It’s frustrating because I’ve been making great progress recently, but now feel like I’ve dropped back to where I was two or three months ago. I’m hoping that I’ll get used to running in this (and worse!) weather soon enough, in the same way that I got used to hills, pirates***** and distances greater than a couple of miles.

I would like to apologise for the fact that a while back I lied by using the phrase “long story short”. What I meant to say was “straightforward story, stretched out needlessly with rambling non-sequiturs”.

Anyway, I stopped and took a few pictures during the run because although (as I may have hinted at earlier) I hate hot weather, it does still look very nice.

Enjoy the sunshine!

3.44 miles (5.54km) 46:10

*I’ve never actually tasted eggnog. I just enjoy thinking about it.

**I should point out that I would never normally use a word like “dell” as I’m not a magical pixie. But it wasn’t quite a valley, and dell was the best my thesaurus was willing to come up with.

***I did however get changed into my running socks. Y’see, now I’m a proper runner**** I have to wear special socks that have anti-something-or-other mesh inserts and a built-in DVD player.

****Cough cough!

*****Did I not blog about the pirates? Oh. Well, it did happen. Don’t bother about checking up on it, it did.

You big round fiery b***ard!

Nice, if you like that sort of thing

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