I’m Siiiiiiinging in the rain / Kitchen Sink

Still creeping towards the five mile goal, and plenty of time left before the Shuttleworth 5. Okay, that’s it well and truly jinxed – now watch as those weeks fly by!

Today’s run through the woods was accompanied by rain, which is not a bad thing at all. I love going out when it’s raining – it’s refreshing for starters, and secondly (and more importantly) it makes me feel like I’m in an advert for lucozade or the royal marines. Every time I jump over a log or land in a big puddle I imagine it freeze-framing, with a voice over saying something about pushing through the such-and-such or doing something-or-other to the max. If they ever do an advert featuring my exploits (and they might, so just shut up, okay?!) I’ll need to make sure they don’t record any sound, otherwise viewers will think it’s an ad for Beecham’s new “Catarrh and Chronic Wheeziness Lozenges”. Thirdly, if I’m out running when it’s p***ing down with rain, people seeing me will think “wow – he’s out in this weather, he must be some sort of ultra-marathon-running super-triathlete. Looking at the state of him he must at least be on his 20th mile” rather than the more obvious “That bloke really needs a lie down”.

Anyway, today’s amble through the woods went well. I ran for all but two or three minutes of it* and most of those times I stopped running weren’t through fatigue, but simply an occasonal pause to take a couple of photographs or to decide which way to go. It’s a nice little route, as I’m still finding new areas around there to explore, and every time I go out I’m spotting some new intriguing little path or area of woodland to stick in my mental To-Do list. Also, I’ve yet to encounter doggers, dead bodies or a gruffalo, which is an added bonus**.

As I ran, my thoughts turned to the impending Shuttleworth 5***. The future is by its very nature full of uncertainty, but one thing I can be sure of is that as May 15th draws nearer I will fret more and more about the bloody thing despite the fact that…

A: I’m currently doing a shade under 5 miles in well under the 1:15 I modestly put on the entry form, and still have over six weeks of training left to go, and…

B: I’m honestly not bothered about my time, even if I come last, as long as I enjoy the run.

But fret I shall. One of the things I can guarantee I’ll do is to over-plan what I take with me. I’ve always been a bit of a “just in case” contingency-focussed type of person, and I don’t see this race being any different.

I’ll start off the same as everybody else, making sure I bring my running shoes, post-race snack, energy drink, change of clothes and so forth. Then I’ll get a bit carried away and start gathering a few more “essentials” – immodium, sudocrem, a cagoule, lucky hat, spare lucky hat – all “just in case”. And from there it’s only a matter of time before I’m packing shark-repellent and a hot-air balloon.

It’s weird, because when I go out for my current very-nearly-five-mile runs I tend to just throw on whatever clothes are nearest to me****, make sure I’ve got a house key and head straight out the door.

Anyway, another run on Friday. I have no idea how many people are reading this bloody thing (although I know at least a few of you are – thanks for the encouragement) but I welcome any comments on here. As I‘ve said before, I started writing this blog to motivate myself to keep going with the running, and it seems to be working so far. Yaaaay.

4.51 miles (7.26km), 55:13

* Although looking at the time it took me you’d be forgiven for thinking “you may not have been walking, but you certainly weren’t running”. To which I would quote George Bernard Shaw by offering the rejoinder “Bum off, poopoo head, I’m trying my best”.

** Conversely, I’ve yet to stumble across some sort of lost civilization with all dinosaurs and that, which is a shame.

*** I wonder… if they renamed it “Death Race Omega” would it attract more entrants? Possibly it would, but probably not the type of runner who’d share their peanut butter bagel with me.

**** Of course, there was that time I ended up doing three miles in a pashmina, sequined hotpants and a fez. Maybe I should put a mirror next to the front door.



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