Run, walk, run, walk walk walk, run.

Got so carried away writing my running blog earlier today that I totally forgot to mention my actual run in it!

I’ll keep it short and sweet, but basically I did the 4-and-a-bit mile route I’ve been sticking to for the last week or so, but decided to take a detour halfway round and have a bit of an explore. I’d like to say that the high point of the run was the rewarding ache in my muscles, or the feeling of tranquillity at being surrounded by nature. Or perhaps the sense of achievement at clocking up a little more distance.

But no. The high point of today’s run was when I ran along a stretch of track bordered by sloping woodland that looked exactly like the bit that John Matrix drives his 4×4 down at the start of Commando.


Recently I’ve seen the benefits of the occasional run/walk/run pattern. In the past I’ve done a solid mile-and-a-half and then called it a day, but now find that by swallowing my pride and slowing it down every now and then, I can extend my runs by a considerable amount. Obviously there’s a trade-off, but I’ve long since accepted that I’ll never be a fast runner – I’m just not built that way. So now I’m going for distance, and letting time sort itself out. Have to admit though that today I gave in a little and probably walked a fair bit more than I really needed to, but who cares? I was out there (mostly) running and more importantly, I was enjoying myself. I first realised I had caught the running bug a few months back when it suddenly hit me that I honestly didn’t care if I got faster, further or even fitter – the act of lacing up and getting out there just doing it * was all the reward I needed. Well, maybe a bit fitter.

It occurred to me while out today that “slow and steady wins the race” is one of the most fundamentally wrong proverbs of all time. But having said that, I’d love to see it printed on the back of Usain Bolt’s vest, just to really wind up his opponents.

4.92 miles (7.92km), 1:06:17

*If the CEO of Reebok or Adidas is reading this – feel free to adopt that as your corporate slogan.



2 thoughts on “Run, walk, run, walk walk walk, run.

  1. Keep on running, never stop!

    When the going gets tough, I always say the tough gets a round house kick to the face!


    Chuck x

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