Clunk Click!

Just had time for a quick run tonight, the default mile-and-a-half that I cram in whenever I get the chance. I was keen to see if the longer distances had made any difference to my speed over shorter routes, but the simple answer is… nope, not really.

Still a nice little jaunt to blow the cobwebs off after work though. Unfortunately for this blog, a short run means no imaginary muggers, no water-tower fortresses and no nutty-tasting blueberries, and that means there’s not a whole lot to write about here.

One thing that did catch my attention on the way back was a large illuminated roadside sign, declaring in big orange letters “ALWAYS WEAR A SEATBELT”. Now, I can see where that advice would be useful. If you were in a car for example. Especially if it was a moving car – less so if you’re sitting in your garage. But there are plenty of occasions where “always” wearing a seatbelt is just plain stupid. What about if you wake up in a burning building? Or find yourself seatbelted to an unexploded WW2 bomb*? The people who make these signs really need to take a little bit more responsibility for their actions before someone gets hurt.

1.43 miles (2.3 km), 14:58 minutes


*When you think about it, an unexploded bomb is the only kind of bomb there is. An exploded bomb is just a big crater.


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